Randal Benjamin Top 3 Fitness Tips for College Level Basketball Players

You may be one of the few people who play basketball at the college level. No need to explain the importance of putting your best foot forward in any game you participate in. You are aware of the kind of competition you are likely to face from your opponents. This is why you are likely to train very hard throughout the summer recess. Your objective is to enhance your overall performance and skills. After all, you want to impress your teammates and individuals who coach you. You also want to be the envy of your opponents when you enter the basketball court.

3 Key fitness tips all basketball players should be aware of

Randal Benjamin is a promising athlete from Las Vegas with a passion for playing basketball and football. He participates in both these sports at the professional level. He closely watches the performance of his favorite teams when he is not playing. These are the Los Angeles Lakers and Oakland Raiders. When he is not on the basketball court, he likes to invite his friends in Nevada for long drives.

He says professional basketball players need to understand that this sport can take a toll physically. If you happen to be such an individual, you need to consider this fact. You need to be very fit to endure the rigors of any game you participate in. You are also less likely to injure yourself during the training sessions or in a match. Randal Benjamin suggests that one should keep in mind the following three important fitness tips:

1.Address previous injuries

Before participating in the training sessions, you need to be aware of present injuries. This is the ideal time to cure them. It is prudent on your part to see your team’s physical therapist to have a look at them. He/she may suggest that you visit the local doctor or take adequate rest. Do not make the mistake of ignoring them otherwise they can become worse.

2. Focus on exercising a different muscle group

You need to work out almost every muscle group in your body. There are certain areas where you have to pay special attention to. These are your legs, shoulder, hips, knee joints, legs, shoulders, and upper torso. Your trainer may introduce you to a wide range of motions during the practice sessions. He/she may even insist you add various types of weight training to your fitness routine. This helps to improve one’s agility, flexibility, reflexes, and endurance.

3. Nutrition

You need to be careful of what food items you eat. Your objective is to perform well in all the games you play in the upcoming season. In basketball, you burn a lot of calories with running and jumping around. However, this doesn’t mean who have to consume food which can make you get out of shape. You should ask your nutritionist on what you should eat. Only then can you expect an improvement in your performance.

Randal Benjamin says that the above three fitness tips can help improve your basketball skills in the coming season. You are also less vulnerable to sustain very serious injuries in the matches you participate in. This is important fact you can’t afford to overlook if want to impress others.

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